French ezines

Each ezine includes an interactive and printable pdf document, a set of GCSE style exemplar questions, teacher notes and a technical guide. Two articles will also include an interactive activity and one article within each edition will also have an audio recording of the text.

The Teacher Notes include guidance on how to use the texts and activities to develop pupils’ speaking and writing. The notes contain a mixture of generic tips and suggestions that are specific to each article. They are intended as a starting point for teachers to develop their own ways of exploiting the reading and listening resources.

The GCSE Style Questions reflect the type of questions that pupils will encounter in their GCSE examinations at the time of writing. These have been developed in 'Word' and if the format of these questions change in the future they can easily be adapted.

A Technical Guide is included with further information for users regarding the use of pdf documents. Teacher's notes and GCSE style questions are provided as 'Word' documents and need to be downloaded before opening. All documents may be printed and each article has a specific pdf document for this purpose.